Latvian Hockey Federation

First organization, which task was to make and manage hockey events in Latvia was Latvian Winter Sport Union (LWSU), established in 1923. At first this organization was overlooking only Bendy (hockey with ball), but in 1931 LWSU became a member of International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF (LIHG in that time). Latvia was eliminated as a member in 1946 because of USSR occupation. Until the year of 1991 Latvian hockey was part of USSR hockey.

After Latvia reclaimed independence in 1991 Latvian Hockey Federation (LHF) was established, which main goal is to manage all the activities related to hockey in the country. In 6th May of 1992 IIHF congress in Prague officially made LHF a member of IIHF. As of today LHF prime goals are to insure all the Latvian National teams participation in international competitions, making and managing national championships, protecting Latvian interests in IIHF and in other hockey countries and overall organization of Latvian hockey life. Important is also cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions, and of course development and progress of Latvian hockey infrastructure. In the beginnings of LHF the biggest problem was the lack of inside ice rinks, because there were only 3 artificial ice rinks in Latvia at that time, from which 1 rink didn’t even fit the requirements of the IIHF. Nowadays In Latvia there are 19 artificial inside ice rinks and growing, which helps to make hockey more popular throughout the country. In many countries and their mass media Latvian Hockey fans are recognized as one of the best hockey fans in the world. Latvian Hockey Federation is an active member of IIHF and as a sign of trust in our Federation can be considered giving rights to host the World Championship, which took place in the Latvian capital Riga in 2006. For this huge event LHF got great feedback from IIHF, participants and hockey society in general.


Since LHF establishment, it had only four presidents

• Vilnis Burtnieks (from 1992 until 1994 )
• Kirovs Lipmans (from 1994 until 1995 and from 1998 until 2016)
• Uģis Magonis (from 1995. gada until 1998.)
• Aigars Kalvītis (from 1995. gada until this time)


LHF Board:

(The therm of 07.10.2016 until 07.10.2020)
• Board Chairman, president Aigars Kalvītis;
• Member of the Board, vicepresident Viesturs Koziols;
• Member of the Board Valentīns Bļugers;
• Member of the Board Ralfs Bukarts;
• Member of the Board Māris Martinsons.
• Member of the Board, Edgars Jansons;
• Member of the Board Armands Šteinbergs;

Member of Board Canidates:

• Oļegs Sorokins;
• Edgars Buncis;
• Jānis Kaverskis.

Latvian Hockey  2015./2016. ( 2014./2015., 2013./2014., 2012./2013., 2011./2012.) season

  2015/16. 2014./2015. 2013./14. 2012./13 2011./12.
Total players 6691 5841 5740 4569 3959
Male players 6598 5731 5654 4487 3863
Junior players (under 20) 1909 1761 1689 1636 1515
Female players 93 102 86 82 96
Amateurs players 4366 3694 3725 2432 2134
Arenas 17 17 17 17 17
Ice Rinks 19 19 19 18 18
Refrees 185 165 187 183 185
Including female 27 26 25 22 24